Exploring RegTech Possibilities by the NPP

#COLLABNPP May – July 2018

NPP Australia is interested in collaborating with RegTech organisations to explore potential opportunities for developing innovative compliance related overlays on the NPP.

For example, the monitoring and screening of domestic electronic account to account transaction in a real-time environment requires advanced monitoring, screening, reporting and systems. At the same time, there is a constant need to refine, adapt and advance tools and capabilities that can identify and respond to fraud and scams, which are always evolving.

The opportunities could be in either sanctions screening or fraud, or they may be in other compliance related areas where a RegTech organisation feels that there is an opportunity to enhance current compliance processes and capabilities.

Launched at the #ACCELERATE RegTech conference on 4 May, #COLLABNPP is a structured market engagement over a three month period to enable interested RegTech organisations the opportunity to learn more about the NPP, gain a greater technical understanding of how the platform works and to engage with some of the financial institutions who are participating in the NPP.


By 11 May: Register your interest
Organisations wishing to register for #COLLABNPP can email info@nppa.com.au by 11 May. You’ll be required to read and agree to these terms and conditions and complete this registration form.

23 May: Workshop
A #COLLABNPP workshop with registered organisations will be held May 23 enabling a further deep dive into the technical workings of the NPP. This will occur in Sydney and provide participating RegTech companies further information to consider how they could develop their own solutions for the NPP.

5 June: Q&A call
Following a period of time during which participating organisations will have explored their own thinking around the NPP, a teleconference hosted by NPP Australia will then be held on June 5 to enable further questions to be asked. The information garnered on the call could assist oganisations to refine or fine-tune their own thinking around their potential solution.

By 22 June: Submit your proposal
Participating organisations that have used the process to progress their thinking or solution, are then invited to submit an initial proposal for a compliance overlay.

11 July: Pitch your proposal
Organisations that have submitted a proposal will be invited to attend an interactive session with NPP participants July 11, 2018 where they could pitch their solution or idea with a view to making it a commercial reality.

For more information email info@nppa.com.au.