Who to contact

Connecting Directly to the NPP

Organisations wishing to connect directly to the NPP can email info@nppa.com.au.

Overlay service providers

Organisations wishing to offer a new payment-related or data-enriched product or service (overlay service) can email info@nppa.com.au

Connecting via a direct participant

Organisations wishing to connect to the NPP indirectly should contact one of the participating financial institutions listed here.

General public

Members of the public wishing to enquire about how they can make faster payments via the NPP should contact their financial institution or call our office on (02) 8278 9610.

Media and press

Enquiries from the media should be directed to Lisa Lintern email: llintern@nppa.com.au or call 0410 794 146.

Download a copy of our New Payments Platform Media Fact Sheet