The New Payments Platform will be available for use 24/7, 365. That way businesses, institutions and consumers can keep moving forward, regardless of the time of day.

Accessing the platform

There are different ways the New Payments Platform can be accessed by different types of users:


Organisations that wish to gain industry connections and customer reach to make a real impact can harness the New Payments Platform. Or they may be organisations that can use the platform’s capabilities to create a faster and more efficient ways of conducting business.

Participating institutions

Financial institutions and providers of financial services can join a world-class payments platform and create the customer experiences of the tomorrow. They can connect to the platform directly, or indirectly, to offer their customers more convenience and flexible payment experiences.


The New Payments Platform enables connected institutions to offer their customers faster, more convenient ways to pay. It supports the creation of innovative products and services that will enable a faster pace of business, a simpler way of life and the customer experiences of the future.